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Get started by contacting our team. We will see if we are a good fit for each other.


Allocate a number of points for us to rent. Change your allocation at any time.


We will rent your points safely and securely. Rent your timeshare risk free.


Get paid every month for your rented points. No hidden fees. No waiting to be paid.

How do we compare?


The highest payout per reservation
Transparency for clients
Monthly payouts for reservations
Points managements concierge
No Contracts tying you down

Other rental options

Inconsisent payouts per reservations
No reservation statements
Inconsistent payments
No additional reservational assistance
Long-term contracts that clients cannot cancel

Why Work With Us?

rent out timeshare

We get the reservations that no one else can.

By pooling points together based on VIP status and developer, we can book substantially more, before anyone else. The best part is that this is compliant with every timeshare developer's internal rules and regulations.

Front-Run the Reservation System

Our inspiration is the same strategy used by many hedge funds called High-Frequency Trading. The idea is simple - whoever books first wins. By applying leverage and liquidity to our process, we give timeshare owners an advantage over their developer's attempts to deny prime reservations.

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rent my timeshare out

The most profitable way to rent your timeshare.

RentShare pays clients 60% of the net-profit for every successful rental. However, our success comes from how we designed our process. Our rental method generates higher price points and lower usage of points, making our system the most profitable way to rent timeshare points.

We don't waste points by booking and hoping

Our rental system reverse-engineered the traditional timeshare rental model. We don't book a reservation, then hope it rents. Our process uses predictive data analytics to guide our reservation strategy.

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how can I rent my timeshare

The safest way to rent your timeshare.

The biggest risk for timeshare owners who decide to rent out their timeshare is being flagged as a megarenter by their timeshare developer. With our system that will never happen.

ZERO Risk Timeshare Rental Strategy

We devised a compliant rental strategy that is both profitable and safe for our clients. By applying liquidity and leverage to our rental operation, we never risk our clients' timeshare account standing.

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rent a timeshare out

A data driven rental process.

Data is available for every aspect of the vacation rental industry - why not use it? Instead of booking and hoping that a reservation rents, we know where the market is before committing points against a reservation.

Booking Stop Loss

In the event our analytics missed and we failed to secure a renter, our system ensures points are restored and cancelled before losing value.

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timeshare rental tips

Complete Transparency is a non-negotiable.

RentShare doesn't keep secrets from our clients. You will know everything we know, at all times, including:

  1. Reservation Pricing
  2. Reservation Points Usage
  3. Remaining Points Balance
  4. Financials

The only information we do not share outside our company is your info or the guest info. Personally Identifiable Information is withheld to protect the privacy of everyone involved.

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The most profitable way to rent a timeshare

Not only do we pay the highest amount for any timeshare rental agency, we provide full service property management. Our clients don't do any work to get their points rented.

We pay our clients 60% of the net amount received per completed rental.

No hidden fees, games or gimmicks. We do a great job at providing our clients a profitable return and continue to be the industry's leading timeshare rental agency.

The highest paying timeshare rental company

Timeshare Property Management done the right way

best timeshare rental company

Our process is centered around one idea - do great work and you will have repeat clients and customers. Our Customer Success Team assists clients and customers (renters) at every turn.

We know that going above and beyond is the only way to keep our company first, year over year.

We are the biggest ally for timeshare owners, and want to see families maximize their investment to its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I get paid from renting my timeshare?

We pay our clients monthly for every completed reservation.

What makes your company different than other options?

We have the highest yield per points of any timeshare property management team. This is from our Data Driven Rental process. We don't book your points and hope for a renter. The secret sauce of RentShare is predictive analytics.

Do you take all timeshares/clients?

Unfortunately we do not. We earn  revenue by providing a profitable service to our clients. If we cannot rent your timeshare for a profit, we will not accept you as a client.

Which timeshare resorts/brands qualify?

Most major brands and resorts qualify for our services. We try to assist as many timeshare owners as possible, while still ensuring the business model remains profitable for everyone.

Do I need to be a VIP Owner?

Most timeshare developers charge for 'reservation transactions' when you are not a specific VIP level of ownership. Renting your ownership correctly requires a tremendous amount of adjustments to the reservation profile, so if you are limited in reservation transactions, rental may not be worth it.

Can I get in trouble from my developer for renting?

If you overextend your vacations to rentals ratio, you may be flagged as a 'mega-renter' which is why our program ensures we maximize your profitability, but not to such an extent you're at risk of being flagged.

Will I lose points renting?

We have never lost points for a client, but things can happen and travelers can cancel last minute. Although it is highly unlikely you would lose points.

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