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The best timeshare rental agency.

At RentShare, we believe timeshare owners deserve to reap the benefits of owning.

We believe renting your timeshare should be both easy and profitable.

We are on a mission to democratize property management for timeshare owners, and give every owner the opportunity to benefit from their ownership.

The only points leverage pools
in the world.

RentShare created a way for timeshare owners to rent safely
without being 'flagged' by developers as megarenters.

Our system applies leverage by batching like-with-like, which allows our clients
to profit more effectively without risk.

Our Guarantee to our clients is to always do what is right.

We guarantee to do what is morally right, ethically right, and beneficial for our clients first and foremost and stand by the following:

1. Inbound Only - We will only use referral or inbound marketing practices (absolutely no 'cold-calling' or harassing marketing tactics).

2. Cancel Anytime - Our clients may cancel their agreement with us at any time provided their are no pending reservations on the points.

3. Full Transparency - We believe in partnering with our clients. Great partners don't keep secrets and provide full transparency. It's that simple.

4. Points Loss - We will always strive to maximize points usage and will strive to always prevent points loss. While it is possible in extreme circumstances to lose points, we will always go the extra mile to prevent this from happening.

5. 60/40 Split - We will ensure an actual 60/40 Split between us and our clients. Meaning clients receive 60% of the net profit from successful bookings. No hidden fees or overages. What we say we do and believe in being fair.

6. Risk Free Rental - Almost every major timeshare developer has protections in place to prevent the abuse of its reservation system by rental companies and timeshare owners who solely exist to profit off rentals. We ensure we will never put your account at risk by overbooking or blocking significant levels of inventory. Timeshare resorts are primarily for timeshare owners, and our rental operations will never jeapordize that principle.

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